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Meet Ground Under Repair Design

Updated: May 2, 2022

Crypto Country Club is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with GUR Design.

About GUR

Shane Bacon... you might've heard of him. Broadcaster for Golf Channel, Golf Central and co-host of the 'Get a Grip' podcast along with Max Homa.

Kate Smith... professional golfer on the Epson Tour and ubertalented graphic designer. If you're a golf fan, you might as well get used to seeing her work.

Together, these two are team GUR - a design company focused on leveling-up the aesthetics of golf one logo at a time.

"Our team truly believes in the power of a golf course logo. We believe in the importance of being identifiable and being unique, but we also understand that history at each and every golf course in this country should be involved in the look of what every member will be happily sporting when on a family vacation or when flying on a work trip across the country."

GUR will be helping Crypto Country Club to develop new designs for 'small batch' collections and general swag. Be on the look out as the goods will continue to come!

Learn more about GUR!



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