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Club Champion

Crypto Country Club is an NFT project focused on blending a digital golf community with real-world experiences and privileges.

Your NFT doubles as your membership card and gives you access to in-real-life utilities such as an exclusive marketplace, private events, golf tournaments, access to instructors and Tour players, and more.

Our passion is to build an inclusive atmosphere for people who love golf, and regardless of your crypto experience, feel welcomed


Welcome to the metaverse, golfers. Swing easy.

Legends Never Die

We've teamed up with Shane Bacon's GUR Design to pay homage to one of our favorite moments from the Club Champ. As part of a limited edition, small-batch merch drop, we will be including a free tee-shirt with every new USD mint.

Enter promo code CLUBCHAMP at checkout. 

Reimagining The Golf Membership

An immersive NFT golf association with real-world member privileges.

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