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The NFT For Golfers

Digital Membership.
Real Privileges.

What is Crypto Country Club?

A digital country club that combines an online community with real-life member-only privileges and access to exclusive offerings.

Your NFT doubles as your membership card.

Member Privileges

We're all about the perks. Club members get access to a wide variety of exclusive content, events, experiences, merch, and more. 

Access to Tour Players & Instructors
Golf + Sporting Events / Member Gatherings

Exclusive Merch Drops
Pro Shop Discounts
Giveaways & Auctions
Additional Small Batch NFT Collections

The Roadmap

Read up on some of the major initiatives, strategies, and utility-building that we’ve been doing behind the scenes.

CryptoCC Project Deck 2.0 (3).jpg

Crypto Country Club

Project Roadmap

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The Collection

10,000 golfers with 22 randomly-generated attributes inspired by our love for golf and crypto.

Join The Club

If you're new to the space, sometimes the process can be intimidating. We're here to help assist you in the minting process.

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